Our main network topology consist of two PoPs located in Frankfurt and Hong Kong. Both PoPs are part of the Equnix IBX data centres with full redundant topology and a high security level which prevents unauthorized access to equipment or power outages, etc.

The PoPs are interconnected via secured channels using an international IP network.
Access to the IP network is provided by well-known Tier 1 service providers.
Voice equipment was manufactured by Teles AG company. The internal data network is fully redundant with no single point of failure.
Our voice equipment can support VoIP(SIP)/TDM transit services compatible with RFC and ITU-T recommendations.
Partners can be connected to our topology via dedicated link (SIP or TDM), public network or via secured IPsec tunnel.

Our teams have access to a variety of monitoring tools that provide us full real time control of our voice/data network.
We have real time access to SIP/ISUP traces and their history.
The Apelby Testing Team runs route tests periodically. For this purpose, we are using automated testing tools and manual test calls which can detect a wide variety of service degradation. This kind of proactive approach prevents issues with voice services before they are detected by end users and help us to maintain a high quality of services.