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About us

We are global telecommunications provider of carrier-to-carrier voice, data, messaging and outsourcing services. Since our establishment in 2005 we have managed to grow in both revenues and key business products while being able to expand our presence to important regions and acquire significant customer portfolio.

Apelby Communications offers complex solutions carriers, business clients and enterprises.

Local presence in emerging markets together with PoPs in main hubs as Frankfurt, Hong Kong or London allows our wholesale department to offer most competitive international voice services all around the globe.

We strive for excellence in quality of services provided to both retail and wholesale customers.

Company Milestones

    • 2005

      Company establishment.

      Telecommunication license acquired in Germany

    • 2006

      Apelby enters wholesale market

      International PoP opened in Ancotel telehouse, Frankfurt

    • 2007

      Retail services offered outside Germany, mainly in CEE region

    • 2008

      Focus on CEE markets

      New investors entered the company

    • 2009

      Foundation of wholesale outsourcing center in Prague, CZ

      Capacity of int. PoP in Frankfurt was doubled

    • 2010

      Expansion of voice wholesale activities towards Africa and Middle East

    • 2011

      More than 50% growth in revenues with almost doubled traffic volumes.

      Exstensive business development in the Middle East and Africa region.

      Further infrastructure development – new PoP in London and additional capacity.

    • 2012

      New retail projects launched in the Central Europe.

      Further business development in the emerging markets.

    • 2013

      Start of MVNO in T-mobile network

      1 billion minutes threshold reached

      New retail projects launched in the Central Europe – telco licence in the Czech Republic

    • 2014

      Enhanced customer care system implemented

    • 2015

      Partnership with technology vendor TELES – new NGN equipment purchased

      Office opened in Ljubljana, Slovenia

      2 billion minutes threshold reached

    • 2016

      New PoP in Hong Kong

      Office opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

      Launch of SMS services

    • 2017

      Office opened in Lagos, Nigeria

      Office opened in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

      Launch of Data Services

  • 2018

    Office opened in Zagreb, Croatia

    Office opened in Rome, Italy

    Office opened in Lusaka, Zambia

    • 2019

      Office opened in New Jersey, USA



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