Welcome to Apelby Communications Gaming and eSports services!

Apelby partners with Swarmio Media, a Canadian gaming & esports technology company, to bring a unique gaming & esports solution to our telco partners. Swarmio’s Ember platform will enable our telco partners to engage with the vast and growing populations of gamers who are already online in the regions they serve. We are confident that offering Ember to our clients and partners will provide them with a unique new solution to monetize and retain their customers.

The plug-and-play Ember platform can be quickly and seamlessly integrated with major telco operations, allowing telcos to engage and monetize gaming subscribers and gain immediate and meaningful access to the US$200 billion gaming market.

Ember provides a proprietary digital hub for gaming communities, allowing gamers to access an ultra-low-latency playing experience, competitive challenges and tournaments, exclusive gaming content, managed communities, gamification and points system, online store (Ember Store), gamer e-wallet (Ember Pay), and customized digital content.

Ember connects Game Publishers, along with entire gaming ecosystem (including developers, influencers, teams, communities, content creators, event producers, streaming platforms, etc.) to the telecom operators’ subscribers. 

Ember enables telcos to monetize the gamers by bridging them with the gaming ecosystem partners using Swarmio’s Hub, Store, Pay, and Edge technology platforms.

Telecom Operators leverage their brand power, last mile network, payment relationship, and marketing reach.

Win Win Win Relationship whereby Swarmio creates a gaming ecosystem where game publishers can bill telecom operators’ end customers for in-game content (the ability to bill a prepaid or postpaid account). Operators are given the opportunity to provide their gaming customer base with a meaningful, differentiated product offering, and Swarmio becomes a major digital distribution channel for publishers.