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Based on standard carrier-to-carrier agreement

Three major products can be chosen by customer:
  • Premium Voice Mobile
  • Premium Voice
  • Wholesale Voice

It enables a service provider or carrier customer to select from multiple grades of service for each destination on a route-by-route basis over a single trunk group. A carrier can select routes with guaranteed CLI delivery and Roaming Number (MSRN) support from Premium Voice Mobile routing table for destinations where its customers need the highest quality of service with advanced features. On the same trunk group, it can choose more aggressively priced routes from Premium Voice and Wholesale Voice routing tables for destinations where cost is the most important attribute in route selection.

Customer can have access to all three classes of service on a single trunk group This allows for a single interconnection and a single invoice with customized pricing and QoS.


  • TDM or VoIP interconnection
  • Multiple route plan options tailored to your business needs
  • Rate Stability with seven day rate lock
  • Online access to traffic volumes and credit balances
  • Simplified billing and invoicing
  • Standardized wholesale contracts