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Max Cesnik

Massimiliano Cesnik

Senior Sales Manager

Massimiliano (he will tell you: “please, call me Max") joined Apelby in 2024 as Senior Sales Manager. Max is a Sales professional with a long experience in telecom sales and business development for Voice, SMS and Digital Security services. Thanks to his vast and solid contacts network with both Italian and International Carriers and past experiences in multi-cultural organizations, he will endeavour to help Apelby in bringing in new important customers as well as maintaining excellent relationships with his customer portfolio.

Max has a proven track record in the international telecommunications to which he dedicated his last 20 years. He started off as writer/editor of infotainment SMS services destined to Telecom Italia Mobile's (TIM) customers back in 2003. He then became Content Acquisition manager with the mission to onboard Music and Games Majors' songs and mobile games onto the very first MNOs internet portals. Thanks to Max, Italian mobile customers were able to play Namco Bandai’s Pac-Man on their handset for the very first time and finally eat as many coloured ghosts as they liked! 

In 2009 Max joined WIND International Services SpA (then WIS) as Account Manager, where in his first 8 years he had the chance to manage the most important Telco operators in the World, spanning from Europe to the Middle East, from Africa to AsiaPac and Americas. In 2017 he moved to WaveCrest to strengthen the UK based company's business with Tier 1s. In late 2019, he joined again WIS to successfully  take care of and expand the business with the most important and "historical" MEA Customers as Area Sales Manager. 

Max adores her daughter, skiing, reading and as a genuine Italian of course, nice food and a buon bicchiere di vino!