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Hilda Lee

Sales Director Asia

Hilda has started her Telecom journey in Hong Kong and Canada since 1992.  She has experienced the opening of the telecommunications market from the call-back service, and voice service competition from the well-developed countries to telecommunication evolution.  She performs to  develop her career on different positions (system operations, customer services, technical supports, International business relationship, network implementation, technical development and project managements).  She started to change from voice to data services in 2005. 

She focused on managing all data businesses / opportunities from outside China to China.  She also proved to manage many business solutions / opportunities in Olympic Beijing 2008.  After 7 years data experience in China / Global market, she moved to the back-end voice management and business strategic roles. Hilda has focused on managing business strategic plans in Asia market and dealing management in wholesales market since 9 years ago.