Back to all | April 22, 2020

Since Covid-19 Pandemic shaken the world and affect many businesses including Telecom industry, people are force to lock down and keep working from home. Many events worldwide postponed or either cancelled. Hardly we see any motivation when we turn on Media. Many of my industry friends ask how to work from home as we are not use too, so I thought to share 3 essential ways to keep motivated and get connected.


Focus:  It’s hard to follow work routine when you wake up with a thought of not going office. Find the place which can be a separate room at home, lock yourself for at least few hours and focus on work. We can still work from home and keep the industry running. Time to time, taking rest is necessary but try to take shorter intervals.  


Positive Energy: Positive Information is good but if it’s about positive cases of Covid-19 then it increases tension. Stay away from the news. Once in a day is fine to have some useful information. Think positive and work hard for better future. There is always a brighter day after a dark night. 


Social Networking: Social distancing is important to stop the spread of virus. This is the only solution to break the chain. Being in Telecom industry, we have options to get connected with our partners through Calls, Emails or Social Media like WhatsApp and skype. Let’s keep exchanging information. By this way, we will be engaged in active business. 


Let’s keep connected and help each other during Pandemic time. We all know that soon it will be over then we will be meeting each other and enjoying a sweet mango cocktail at ACC or having a coffee with partners during ITW sessions or simply a delicious kebab lunch in Dubai at Capacity event. 



Author: Abdul Mutaal, Sales Dierctor APAC