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  • Apelby Communications is a wholesale provider of telecommunications products and services whose clients include major global telecom operators.

  • Swarmio and Apelby have entered into a revenue share agreement whereby Apelby will distribute Swarmio's Ember gaming and esports platform to its telco clients in Europe, Africa, and LATAM.

  • Swarmio's Ember platform enables game publishers and developers to reach, engage and monetize the 2 billion gamers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, where credit card penetration is relatively low and access to bank accounts is limited. By partnering with telecom operators, Swarmio enables gamers to purchase in-game items using telco payment channels such as digital wallets and Direct Carrier Billing (DCB).

TORONTO, Sept. 12, 2022 /CNW/ - Swarmio Media Holdings Inc. (CSE: SWRM) (OTC: SWMIF) (GR: U5U) ('Swarmio' or 'the Company'), a technology company focused on the global deployment of its proprietary subscription-based gaming and esports platform, announces it has entered into a revenue share agreement (the "Agreement") with Apelby Communications ("Apelby"), a wholesale provider of telecommunications products and services to major telcos across Europe, Africa and LATAM.

According to the Agreement, Apelby will distribute Swarmio's Ember gaming and esports platform to its telco clients in Europe, Africa and LATAM, to sell to their own customers. Ember subscribers will gain access to an ultra-low-latency playing experience, competitive challenges and tournaments, exclusive gaming content, managed communities, gamification and points system, online store (Swarmio Store), and gamer e-wallet (Swarmio Pay). Swarmio, Apelby and the telco will share all the revenues generated through the multiple monetization channels of the platform, which include monthly subscription fees, payment processing fees, and fees from in-game purchases. 

Emil Kovac, CEO and co-founder of Apelby, commented: "Having validated Swarmio's Ember platform, and knowing that our telco clients and partners are looking for ways to engage with the vast and growing populations of gamers who are already online in the regions they serve, we are confident that offering Ember to our clients and partners will provide them with a unique new solution to monetize and retain their customers. We are excited to be investing in Swarmio and we look forward to seeing what the future brings as we assist in the launch of Ember in new international markets."

Vijai Karthigesu, Swarmio's CEO, commented: "Entering into this Agreement with Apelby Communications provides another leg to our continued growth in key gaming markets. We welcome Apelby's vote of confidence in our strategy of building a premier global online gaming and esports hub through strategic telecom partnerships, and we look forward to working closely with them as we continue to launch the Ember platform in new markets around the world."


As Swarmio continues its global expansion, it expects that Africa and Latin America will be key markets. In Latin America, which is the world's fastest growing gaming market, approximately 70% of the population currently remains unbanked or underbanked. In Africa, where the population of gamers has more than doubled over the past 5 years largely due to the proliferation of smartphones (Sub-Saharan Africa is the world's fastest growing mobile phone market), approximately 57% of the population lacks any form of bank account.

Swarmio deploys its Ember platform to customers around the world via its telco partners. To date, Swarmio has successfully launched its platform with some of the largest telcos in Asia and North Africa, including Ooredoo in Tunisia (launched under brand name Ooredoo EZ - Powered by Ember), Globe Telecom in the Philippines (launched under brand name Globe Gamer Grounds – Powered by Ember), and Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT Esports - Powered by Ember). Swarmio is strategically targeting key markets where both internet use and gaming activity are rising rapidly and populations lack access to traditional bank accounts or credit cards.

About Apelby Communications

Apelby is a global ICT provider of a wide range of telecommunication services, including carrier-to-carrier voice and outsourcing services for retail customers, technology and ICT solutions. Since establishment in 2005, Apelby has managed to grow in both revenue and key business products while being able to expand its presence into important regions and acquire a significant customer portfolio. To learn more about Apelby Communications, please visit their website.

About Swarmio Media

Swarmio Media (CSE: SWRM; OTC: SWMIF; GR: U5U) is a technology company focused on deploying its proprietary end-to-end gaming and esports platform, Ember, which enables telcos to monetize their gaming customers. Swarmio has engaged with several telcos that have launched Ember as an add-on service, allowing subscribers to access tournaments, engage in a localized gaming community, challenge friends and influencers, and earn points that can be used to purchase gaming content. Ember is powered by Swarmio's patented Latency-Optimized Edge Cloud ('LEC') technology, which reduces lag and allows gamers to enjoy an optimized gaming experience.

About Ember by Swarmio

Swarmio's fully managed, plug-and-play Ember platform can be quickly and seamlessly integrated with major telco operations, allowing telcos to engage and monetize gaming subscribers and gain immediate and meaningful access to the US$200 billion gaming market.

Ember provides a proprietary digital hub for gaming communities, allowing gamers to access an ultra-low-latency playing experience, competitive challenges and tournaments, exclusive gaming content, managed communities, gamification and points system, online store (Swarmio Store), gamer e-wallet (Swarmio Pay), and customized digital content.

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