Back to all | January 05, 2023

At the beginning of the year, our CEO Emil Kovac met with newly promoted COO Michael Malkovsky in order to talk about last year’s achievements and also about 2023.

E: Michael, first of all, congratulations for your promotion. What do you see already as the biggest change compared to your previous position?
M: Thank you, Emil. Definitely, position of COO brings new responsibilities but at the same time, it gives a chance to improve internal procedures across all departments and develop new features in order to support our sales team.

E: What are your expectations from 2023?

M: I expect a wild ride:). With the variety of products that we are about to launch, we are going to bring new additional value to our partners and to their end users.

E: You are also celebrating 14 years with Apelby. How do you see the company these days and couple of years ago?

M: It’s incomparable. Since nearly 3 years, Apelby made huge progress. Team has been stabilized and is formed by true professionals and great people that are really an honor and joy to work with.