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Michal Kutzendörfer

Chairman of the Board

The key founder of Apelby Communications Group with over 20 years of experience in telecommunications business. Michal built Apelby brand from the scratch and found the right people to help the company growth providing them all his know-how and experience to ensure the proper training. Having reliable staff (more than 50 people) in the whole company, Michal is now the key decision maker in terms of global sales and technology strategies and managing the whole group of companies belonging to Apelby Communications Group.
Michal started his telecom journey back in 1998. He held various managerial positions in Telefonica O2(previously Czech Telecom), where he, for example, participated in an international expansion project. He also had a chance to gain experience in a technology company NVision (former Sitronics) being responsible for sales and creating distribution channels for OSS/BSS and telecommunications solutions in Central Europe and Balkan.