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Michael Malkovský

Chief Operations Officer

Michael joined Apelby while finishing his university degree in 2009, therefore he got proper training and all the experience on Apelby soil. As an Account manager, he started handling existing accounts and building the first relationships with telecom companies. After 3 years of gaining detailed knowledge of systems, routing and destinations, he also became the Destination Manager and played the key role in the decision-making process of routing in order to ensure only high quality termination for the clients. He also brought a working swap model and many other features that helped Apelby to grow. Thanks to the expertise he gained in sales and routing, he was promoted to the Head of Commercial routing and later on to Sales Operations Director. As part of the new role, Michael started to lead the team responsible for routing, pricing, business support and reporting. During this period, he helped to implement several internal tools and new routing products that significantly increased competitiveness of Apelby and created opportunities for cooperation with new valuable partners. Under his leadership, Apelby also successfuly moved the business to the new OSS/BSS system in 2022. In January 2023, Michael was appointed as COO and is leading all the operations within the company, remaining responsible for successful implementation of new products and services.