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Emil Kováč

Chief Executive Officer

Emil started his journey with Apelby from the beginning as its Board Member, helping Michal to build the Product and Marketing Strategy and Managing the German Headquarters. He provided consultancy and guidance during the whole company existence and took the position of Chief Strategy officer in 2018. He was  responsible for regional sales management, product and marketing strategy supporting business development activities. Emil was appointed as CEO of Apelby Communications in February 2021.

Emil gained his telecom experience in IDT Corporation where he started in 2003 as a Managing Director of CEE branch operations in Prague with full P&L management responsibility. He developed successful businesses for IDT Global in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and other European countries. In terms of marketing experience, Emil provided consultancy in Vodafone by creating a new media channel on the Czech market and played a key role in POS Media Group for more than 10 years as its Country Manager and later also as the Chief Operations Officer.