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Carrier’s services

Apelby offers reliable and high quality voice termination and transit services to satisfy customers needs and is the right choice for a competitive voice termination and transit partner. International termination is offered through direct interconnections to leading international carriers.

Apelby offers voice termination capability using TDM, VoIP or combination of architectures, and circuits can be designed and routed to support associated client services such as calling cards and callback.

Voice services are offered through Premium or Wholesale quality service levels.
Apelby has four international Points of Presence: in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London and Prague

Our comprehensive product range is available at highly competitive rates with 24×7 support.

Premium & Wholesale voice termination

Our product portfolio is offered to incumbents, service providers and mobile operators aiming to achieve the necessary competitive edge on the International Carrier market. Voice calls are delivered at the highest quality, with the greatest economic efficiency being achieved by sophisticated routing and real time network monitoring.

More than 250 countries can be routed via carefully selected carriers for delivering fixed and mobile minutes. Termination is provided in their respective countries with a guaranteed quality of service for even
the most demanding customers

CLI supported

Roaming supported

Fax transmission into fixed termination

Direct termination

Premium quality and reliability

Competitive and affordable rate plans

Real time monitoring quality parameters

24/7 monitoring by customer support service

Overflow routes assured


Local presence in the emerging markets together with PoPs in main hubs allows us to offer most competitive international data services all around the globe using our and partners network. Apelby Data Connect Services include Dark Fiber, Managed Wavelength, Carrier Ethernet, IP VPN/MPLS and DIA Direct Internet Access service. We strive for excellence in quality of services and differentiate with reliability, resiliency and cost effective connectivity.


By leveraging our Voice Partnership portfolio, Apelby have transferred this knowledge and experience over to the SMS market, offering a unique one stop shop for SMS solutions. With direct SMS connections to all major mobile networks around the world as well as all major SMS aggregators we can offer a full, premium and affordable product to all our partners.

Business Customers

Product portfolio is intended for a wide range of demanding clients, interested in comprehensive and efficient telecommunications solutions including high quality voice and data transmission.

Business phone line:

Our Business phone lines are super reliable, thanks to our state-of-the-art network, and you can choose from wide range of voice features to make the most of your organisation’s voice calls. In most cases, youll be able to keep your old number(s) too. You can also get the added reassurance of fast remote response to reported faults, or onsite attendance with some of the most stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) available today.


Service under T-mobile network with focus on high quality, International calls and both voice and data roaming.

Smartphone calling applications:

In cooperation with our patners we offer various types of products that could be tailored according needs of our customers.


We offer full service range for retail carriers including routing, billing, technical support and sales. Through our outsourcing services we will assume partial or full responsibility for defined areas within your company. In the first stage, we will survey the area that you want to outsource, and then design a target model that we will provide you with. In the last stage, we will continuously evaluate quality, and suggest further improvements. The whole process may include the following activities:

  • audit of current processes,
    infrastructure, and applications
  • acceptance of human resources
    and technical equipment
  • consulting services
    for the development of OSS / BSS
  • selection and delivery of new technologies,
    and disposal of out-of-date technologies
  • testing new technologies
    before implementation
  • user training
  • maintenance and management
    of hardware and software equipment
  • management of long-term
    and short-term projects