Apelby Communications Protects Businesses against Fraudulent Traffic

August 16, 2019

This year, the Apelby team has expanded its services to include Fraud and Market Protection Services. To this end, we have asked Gustav Koutník (Head of Business Development & Carrier Relations) to share his experiences so far with this service.

1. What is the current situation on the market and what are the greatest risks for businesses?

The international wholesale voice market today is facing stagnation or even a decline. In many parts of the world this is due to the increasing market share of OTTs.

In this situation, businesses are even more afraid of losses. These may be caused by fraudulent traffic and various disruptions on local markets.

2. What is the difference between market and fraud protection?

Fraud protection relates to specific traffic and it basically provides protection against artificially generated calls, mostly originating directly in the network of the retail operator. The objective of fraud protection is the immediate detection and prompt blocking of fraudulent traffic. 

Market protection is a more complex service.  The service includes an analyses of the given market, creation and implementation of correctional measures. Everything is focused on loss prevention. As each market has certain specifics and possible threats (e.g. bypass termination, SIM boxes, A-number modification, wangiri calls), the market protection service is always tailor-made for a specific customer.

3. What experiences have you gained since your company introduced these services and what do they bring to your customers? 

Our experience has been really positive and both of the services have quickly become a clear added value that Apelby provides for its customers! I believe that customers will primarily appreciate our individual approach, solution efficiency and long-term cooperation. 

 Mr.Gustav Koutník, Apelby Communications