Apelby Communications at This Year’s ITW

July 31, 2019

One of the most important conferences that the Apelby team attended this year was International Telecoms Week in Atlanta. We asked Emil Kováč (Chief Strategy Officer Apelby) for his impressions of this year’s edition.


  1. What makes the ITW conference important in your opinion?

It’s the largest telco conference and all the leading telecommunications players in the world attend. At such conference you have the chance to meet both current partners and to obtain new partnerships. The conference was held in Atlanta for the first time this year, which is a little different to previous years, when it was in Chicago for a long time, and a lot of the attendees still have to get used to the move to a new city, including us.


2.    What attracted your attention this year?

My attention was attracted by the larger number of attendees and the good selection of the hotels where the event was held. We can see that the specialist community in our field is growing.I noticed the generally friendly atmosphere. The open atmosphere certainly helps people who want to make contacts and do business.


3.   How did the presentation of Apelby look and what did it bring you?

I think that this year Apelby’s presentation, including a larger stand, was very good. We played with our corporate design and the stand certainly could not be missed. The interior design also went well. The number of our representatives went up, so we didn’t underestimate our attendance at ITW. We also officially communicated our new branch in the USA with our new colleague Vincent Tozzi, director for the Americas.Overall, the ITW conference was very successful for us and brought us several new business opportunities and new partnerships, such as with Etisalat Misr.