Fraud and market protection services

Apelby Voice Services bring market protection, which is extremely important nowadays when there are various issues that reduce revenue or decrease quality of service for end-users, typically:

  • grey routes/nonCLI/simboxing
  • a-number modification
  • wangiri calls (missed calls)

The solution always requires close and long-term cooperation as the above issues are developing further and are not always easy to spot. Therefore, the service has to be created according to a particular issue and specific market conditions.

Benefits for Customer:

  • no revenue leaks
  • avoids quality fluctuation for end-users

Fraud protection

Even more important that market protection is not only solutions to fraud, but also fraud prevention.

The most common threats are various fraudulent activities affecting all markets and type of voice carriers, typically:

  • PBX hacking
  • roaming frauds
  • interconnect bypass¬†

There is a potential high risk of huge damages for both retail carriers and their enterprise customers.
The effective fight against fraud usually requires high investments in staff, technology and SW systems. It also requires 24/7 active monitoring and analysis.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • prevention of revenue damage
  • reduction of CAPEX and OPEX costs for expensive systems
  • ability to keep advantages from the voice wholesale ecosystem

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